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Tili- ja isännöinti m2 Personnel

Juha Lehtonen
Juha Lehtonen, CEO
Tel: 0207-352 811
E-mail: juha.lehtonen(at)

Kiia Sol
Kiia Sol, Real Estate Manager,
Tel: 0207-352 812
E-mail: kiia.sol(at)

Tarja Lehtonen
Tarja Lehtonen, Clerk, Jyväskylä
Emilia Lehtonen
Emilia Lehtonen, Clerk, Jyväskylä

Important notice regarding use of personal e-mail addresses

If you are not sure that the person is in the office, then do not use personal email addresses. Do not never start a new email topic to personal email, because our staff can be a compensatory leave, holidays, or sick, and then responding may take several days.

It is better to use the toimisto (at) address to the normal communication and laskut (at) address for invoices. These mails are read by our entire personnel within our opening hours. Do not under any circumstances submit invoices for our personal email addresses!

Tili- ja isännöinti m2
Tekniikantie 2 C
FI-02150 Espoo
Tel: +358 207 352 810
e-mail: toimisto (at)